Our People

Our Mission…

…Is to provide stunning architectural solutions that are practically buildable and meet our client’s construction budgets. We work closely with clients, consultants and builders throughout the design and consenting process to ensure there are no surprises. Our growing team of architectural designers share the passion for great design results that are built within your budget, working with you throughout the design and consent process to ensure your project is a success.


Nik worked for 15 years as an Advanced Trade Certified Builder ‘on the tools’ which has provided him with a great understanding of good design and good building practices. Nik studied Build Biology & Ecology and became one of the first Licensed Building Practitioners for Design 2 (LBP). This deep seated knowledge of residential construction, costs and the built environment, has developed the ethos of Permit Shop.

Nik says…
“I’ve been passionate about making architecture affordable with solid built results since 1990…”

Nik Morrison


Sera brings a raft of experience to the role having worked at a Manager level in a variety of different industries. She is dedicated to making the Permit Shop engine a well-oiled machine.

Sera says…
“A great company hinges on outstanding customer service – it is one of the the most important functions of a long lasting and successful organisation.”

Sera Pardon

Managing Director

Yash graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and a Masters in Construction Management. Yash has a total of 5 years' experience in design and drafting both overseas and in New Zealand.

Yash says...
“A great design is a manifestation of aesthetics, functionality, soul and an exceptional eye for the smallest of details. My mission is to deliver happiness to all of my clients.”

Yash Idnani

Technical Director

Leigh has worked in the architectural industry for over 17 years, originally from the UK and over 14 years experience working on varied projects from high end residential to large retail/ commercial.

Leigh says…
“Good architecture is about understanding the needs of our client and creating a functional, enjoyable space .”

Leigh Garner

Design Director

Priyanka has a degree of Architecture from India and has worked in the architectural field for 11 years with more than 2 years of local New Zealand experience.

Priyanka says…
“Architecture is not just building a block on the site; it is a reinvention of the site itself.”

Priyanka Datalkar

Architectural Designer

Harley graduated from the University of Auckland with a degree in Architecture in 2009. Before that he worked as an Architectural Draughtsman and worked 2 years as a Builder. He is also a little bit obsessed with all things Japanese.

Harley says…
“There is no greater satisfaction in life than creating a design and seeing it come into existence and improve the lives of our clients.”

Harley Billington

Architectural Designer