Why would I choose to come to Permit Shop?

Permit Shop was created in 2011 as an open and innovative grass roots architectural consulting firm, providing a full range of architectural services for discerning clients. Home owners embarking on new builds or major renovations are squeezed between the frustration of dealing with Council and Architectural designs that end up costing double their budget. Our mission is to provide stunning architectural solutions that are practically buildable and meet our client’s construction budgets. We work closely with clients, consultants and builders throughout the design and consenting process to ensure there are no surprises.

How do I apply for Building Consent?

Our team at Permit Shop will take the stress out of dealing with Council. Acting as your Agent and advocate, we draw, prepare and compile all the necessary plans and documents. With your sign off we then lodge your consent application with Council. Any requests from Council are directed to us so we can keep your consent on track for approval.

When do I need to apply for Resource Consent?

Under the Resource Management Act, a consent must by applied for if any rule in the local Unitary Plan is infringed. This may be as simple as adding a skylight to a Ponsonby villa or exceeding the building coverage with a deck extension. Our team has the experience and knowledge to know just what is required by Council to ensure your project plans are approved.

What kind of work does NOT need a Building Consent?

See the MBIE website

How much will Building Consent cost?

Fees for Building Consents vary dependent on the complexity and size of the project, and also between different Councils. If you would like to get an estimate of the likely cost then please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

What is involved in the processing?

The plans and support documents are checked firstly by a Planner for compliance with the relevant Unitary Plan, then they are checked for drainage, structure and compliance with the New Zealand Building Act.

What is the processing clock?

The New Zealand Building Act requires a Building Consent to be processed and issued within 20 live working days. Permit Shop monitors this by having two processing clocks. One monitors the Council legal requirement of 20 working days and the other is our processing clock of 10 live working days. The statutory time frame (Council Clock) starts once the consent has been accepted into the Councils processing system. The consent then travels through a number of different technical people who check for compliance, these may include Resource Management Planning, Network Utility Operator, Hazards, building control processing, final review, Accounts and then issue. At any stage during this process one of the technical people can suspend the consent by asking for further information. The processing clock is then suspended until the correct information is provided. The net live days taken to process the consent is the time that makes up the legal requirement of 20 live working days.

What happens once I have my Building Consent issued?

Your chosen builder can start the work, only when the approved consent is on site. At certain points during construction, inspections will need to be undertaken by Council to determine that the building is being constructed in accordance with the approved building consent. Those inspections will be nominated on your approved building consent pack, however a rough rule of thumb is that if the work is to be covered up, then Council will need to inspect it first.

Need a hand during the building process?

Permit Shop can act as your Agent during construction to periodically observe works, liaise with the builders, monitor the budget, resolve any unforeseen issues that arise and work to ensure that the programme is adhered to. This is especially useful for clients that are overseas or out of town, or for clients that want minimal involvement in the management of the project.

How do I book an inspection?

Your builder will book these directly with the Council inspection team. For re-clads there may be a substantial waiting list.

What do I need for the inspection?

The approved plans, specifications and inspection record must remain on site at all times and be available for all inspections. In the event that the plans are not available, Council will not be able to complete the inspection. This will then need to be re-booked. You will be ready for your final inspection once all the work covered by the Building Consent is completed.

How do I plan a successful build?