The Design Process

Permit Shop works with you using both traditional and advanced design tools to ensure your project dreams are realised. During this exciting initial phase, our talented pool of Designers will guide you through the process to establish a Concept Design that encapsulates your brief and matches your budget using old school pencil sketch design, through to 3D ArchiCAD models to best convey the finished build.


Concept Design

Following on from the Preliminary stage, we complete a Concept Design for the new layout, extension or new build. This is deliberately kept light and sketchy to facilitate easy changes and tweaks to the design. It is during this stage that we use a scheme plan to determine the feasibility of the design from a budget point of view and also with regards to Council restraints. A pre-application meeting with Council will be required if there are any potentially contentious infringements. This involves meeting with Council Planners and experts such as Traffic Engineers or Heritage Architects to ensure the proposal is acceptable and if not, what changes or requirements are imposed on a Resource Consent application.


Developed Design

Following the Concept Design we move into the Developed Design phase. It is here that we incorporate any changes that are required to ensure you meet your budget and/or any re-design after receiving Council feedback from the pre-application meeting. Decisions need to be made at this point with regards to finishes, materials, joinery and also consideration for heating and ventilation. To get to final sign off we like to have the proposed Developed Design model in 3D.

3D ‘walk through’ with BIMX

All of our work is modeled using Building Information Modeling Software (BIM) – ArchiCAD. This enables us to publish a ‘BIMX’ 3D model of your project which you can ‘walk-through’ on a mobile, tablet or computer. This is a fantastic tool which provides you with a realistic view of your project. The 3D model is the final stage of Developed Design, which is signed off and ready to start Consent drawings.