Gone are the good old days when you could present a hand drawn sketch of your plan for approval. Plans must now demonstrate compliance with the New Zealand Building Code and your Council development controls. Our plans and support documents provide the required level of clear concise detail to assist your local Council to process your application as fast as possible.

As your Agent Permit Shop prepare, lodge and follow your consent applications through to approval. To achieve quality consent documents, we engage our network of professional consultants, such as Engineers and Surveyors, as your project may require. We cover all aspects of residential and commercial compliance. The Permit Shop team will be your single point of contact to get the job done.


Restricted Building Work (RBW) on your property requires a consent from Council. Once approved and constructed your project will also need a Code of Compliance Certificate to prove it was all built to plan. Any building work that has been completed without a consent can be retrospectively permitted with a Certificate of Acceptance application. Building Consent applications are processed by Council within 20 working days – however this generally takes twice as long.


Do you need a new pool in the front yard? Or a substantial renovation for your coastal home? Our team at Permit Shop will take the stress out of dealing with Council. Under the Resource Management Act a consent must by applied for if any rule in the Unitary Plan is infringed. This may be a simple as adding a skylight to a Ponsonby villa or exceeding the building coverage with a deck extension. Our team has the experience and knowledge to know just what is required by Council to ensure your project plans are approved. Resource Consent applications are supposed to be processed by Council within 20 working days – however you should allow 6 weeks or more.

Other Types of Consents

The two most common consents which are required outside of the Council are ‘Vehicle Crossing’ through Auckland Transport and ‘Works Over Public Pipes’ through WaterCare.

We will act as your Agent and co-ordinate these consent applications for you.