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The preliminary investigation usually starts with an Initial Consultation on site where we can discuss the project.

Following the Initial Consultation Permit Shop provide a pathway through design and compliance as well as giving an idea of costs for our services, any consultants, Council and construction.

We will Profile the site to investigate the Council regulations, hazards and site constraints that may affect the design and scope of the project.

Once we are formally engaged we will complete the Preliminary work to engage consultants as required for CCTV survey and topographical Survey. We complete a site measure of the existing house and site, then model up the existing house and add the site topography from the Surveyor to provide a starting point for design.

1.1 Initial Consultation

Your Inquiry
Site Visit
Project Assessment Report

1.2 Profile

Council GIS
Council regulations
Contact Planners

1.3 Record Existing

Organise consultants (Surveyor, CCTV etc.)
Site measure
Draw existing


We meet with you to compile a full and detailed brief. Based on this and the information gathered in the Preliminary Investigation we create a Concept Design for the new layout with all of the proposed alterations and extensions solved.

We deliberately keep this light and sketchy to facilitate fast and easy changes and revisions. If there are potentially contentious infringements, we will contact Council Planners and experts like Traffic Engineers or Heritage Architects to ensure that the Scheme Plan is acceptable and if not a Pre-Application meeting with Council is required to ensure we know what changes or requirements are imposed on Resource Consent application.

2.1 Concept / Preliminary Design


Meeting for Brief
Sketch design
Layouts and site

2.2 Preliminary Draughting / Scheme Plan


Sketch site scheme
Liaise with external consultants
Contact Planners

2.3 Pre-Application Meeting with Council


Scheme Plans
Meet with Council
Meeting Minutes


Once you have approved the Concept Design we move into the Developed Design stage where we work the drawings into a 3D model BIMX. This enables you to ‘walk through’ the design in 3D.

Such aspects as construction types and materials, exterior joinery, exact room sizes and layouts are resolved. The Developed Design drawings can be used for the Resource Consent application, if one is required. If so, it is at this point we would engage a Planning Consultant.

3.1 Resource Consent Preliminary


Draft plans
Liaise with Planners
AEE Report (Assessment of Environmental Effects)

3.2 Developed Design

Detail from Concept
Sketch layouts resolved
Changes made

3.3 Resource Consent Application


Finalise plans
Complete Resource Consent paperwork
Submit consent


We complete a design of the structure for the Pre-Engineering stage and work through any prelim drainage requirements.

The Engineer will provide full calculations, details and a producer statement. During the Post-Engineering stage, we complete the plans and details incorporating all of the consultant information and compile for application lodgement with Council as your Agent.

We follow the consent applications throughout the processing stage and answer any questions from Council and provide any extra information that they may require.

4.1 Building Consent (1)

CCTV survey
Drainage Design/Structure
Draft plans

4.2 Building Consent (2)

Engineering and details
WaterCare works over
Vehicle Crossing

4.3 Processing

Following consent lodegements through processing
Answering any questions from Council
Providing any extra info required


You may require construction issue plans which contain all of the detailed design elements that are not required for Council processing purposes.

Detailed plans are drawn for services which may include lighting, electrical, water supply/storage/reticulation, specialist installation for screens or joinery.

We also offer interior design for all fixtures, fittings and cabinetry as well as landscape design which includes hardscape, planting, structures, irrigation, pool/spa and paving. Our Design Director or Senior Designer will work through all the details and material selections as an extended part of Developed Design.

5.1 Services / Special

Plans containing detailed design elements
E.g. Lighting, electrical, joinery
Liaison with external consultants

5.2 Interior Design

Detailed plans for interior design
Fixtures, fittings and cabinetry
Liaison with external consultants

5.3 Landscape

Landscaping plans
Hardscape, planting, structures
Irrigation, pool/spa, paving


Procurement is an essential part of ensuring the project runs well. Our Design Director or Senior Designer will work with you to analyse quotes, choose main contractors, source fixtures, fittings and material selections.

Permit Shop can act as your Agent during construction to periodically liaise with Builders and observe works. Minor changes along the way through construction can be handled as ‘minor variations’ to the plans. Major changes will need an amendment to the consent plans and then re-submitted with Council.

You must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate with Council post completion of the project. We will work with you to collect the appropriate paperwork from your contractors and organise and lodge your application with Council.

6.1 Procurement

Analyse quotes
Select a main contractor
Ensure timeframes and deadlines are met

6.2 Observation

Liaison with Builder on potential changes
Minor Variation or Amendment
Lodge Amendment with Council

6.3 Post Completion

Collect paperwork from contractors
Compile into application pack
Lodge with Council


We work with you using both traditional and advanced design tools to ensure your project dreams are realised.


We provide the thorough level of clear and concise detail required to assist your local Council to ensure that your application is processed as fast as possible.


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